Burning House Backpack

“What would you grab if you were leaving a burning building?” I have always been told, that if a building is on fire, you grab nothing, and get yourself out as quickly as possible.
Going with the theme of practicality, the exterior boxes hold basic survival supplies. The top box is made of wood, which can quickly untied by pulling the string, contains first aid supplies like bandages, CPR masks, and burn gel. The bottom box, made of metal, holds food and a water bottle.
The main compartment of this backpack was designed to contain the design objects I hold most dear such as an old drafting portfolio from my grandfather and my laptop. In reality though, this wooden backpack would not withstand the intense heat of a fire and alludes to my belief that saving material objects is not worth sacrificing your life.

Wood, metal furnishings, leather straps, rope, and found objects

December 2015.